Working with numbers

May 14, 2007

My work environment has recently become quite quiet. Quietness is relative, if your overloaded and overworked, then having a normal workload can be thought of as ‘quiet’. There has been a mazz exodus, discharge after discharge, which has left me with time to actually stop and think. This lead to some fantastic OT rehabilitation! With a reduced caseload I had the time I needed to engage with my patients, and to make a real difference in their lives in only 2 weeks of their stay as an inpatient.

The admissions are slowly filling up the ward again, and I’m finding myself almost laughing at how how my practice is going to return to fast-paced semi chaos, because I’ve been so enjoying a reduced case load and the amazing opportunities to do all I want to for my patients.

Is this sustainable? Is it fair to us or the people we treat? Is accepting the minimal standard acceptable? I certainly hope not!!


Another day in paradise

April 23, 2007

Having someone to help you make sense of blogging really does make everything easier. Which means I’m learning more, and maybe that means writing more…

How do you do the best work you can, when there’s not enough of you, and you have to rely on other people? I dont have an answer, and even if I did, it probably wouldn’t make my job any easier, or more efficient, or even up the standard of what I do.  A lot of the time I feel as though my patients are being ripped off, missing out on important therapy. I don’t like having to comprimise, choosing one person over another, or only having enough time to do the bare minimum; working this way is as opposite as you can get when we think about the OT philosphy of ‘holistic’. Aren’t we supposed to address everything in respect to everything else? Treat the whole person? Look at the outside, the inside, the environement, the good, the not so good? My practice these days is dysfunction based, not holistic.

I sometimes wonder what patients and their families think of the occupational therapy breed. I fear they may get the wrong impression that we shower people, give them commodes, or ask them out-of-context questions when trying to work out how good their memory is.

I want to restore others faith in us and what we do. But how do I,  how do we do that, when we dont have the opportunities to prove them otherwise…?

It’s been a while

April 12, 2007

Thinking about writing an entry in my blog at times seems too hard, so I put it off, and put it off. I guess like anything it’s taking time for me to get my head around this concept, and I need to be an OT to myself that reminds me every time I do something new (ie this blog) I am reinforcing the brain pathways that will hopefully make this easier with practise.

My OT pracise seems to be a like a bunch of monkeys swinging around in my head; so many ideas and so little resources – it’s so frustrating!! So I’ll leave it there and come back to this, maybe a bit more reflection next time.