Working with numbers

My work environment has recently become quite quiet. Quietness is relative, if your overloaded and overworked, then having a normal workload can be thought of as ‘quiet’. There has been a mazz exodus, discharge after discharge, which has left me with time to actually stop and think. This lead to some fantastic OT rehabilitation! With a reduced caseload I had the time I needed to engage with my patients, and to make a real difference in their lives in only 2 weeks of their stay as an inpatient.

The admissions are slowly filling up the ward again, and I’m finding myself almost laughing at how how my practice is going to return to fast-paced semi chaos, because I’ve been so enjoying a reduced case load and the amazing opportunities to do all I want to for my patients.

Is this sustainable? Is it fair to us or the people we treat? Is accepting the minimal standard acceptable? I certainly hope not!!


One Response to Working with numbers

  1. Princess says:

    I read your post with interest and frustration. You sounded so elated to be providing a more meaningful OT service to your two clients, and regretful that this is not the norm. This leads me to wonder if much of what we do is only a fragment of OT, and therefore not really OT at all (given its holistic nature)?
    If this is the case, how can the value of OT be evaluated by clients, managers and other clinicians if we are not providing the service we know that we could?
    I often think that if I were not reliant on a regular income I would be able to to take more risks with my career. I would choose to work in an area that allowed me to deliver the therapy that I was trained to provide. So far, the nearest I have come to this is working in palliative care.

    What do others think?

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