My homework

I’ve just posted a comment on MetaOT‘s website, which is great for my learning. I can really see the potential if all OT’s who were on the web started a blog and shared their bookmarks with the rest of the world, what a big step that could be for us! But time time time, that’s what it takes. Maybe if the few of us keep this up and do the hard work, it won’t seem like such a big deal for others to catch on. Here’s hoping, for my blog and for others.


5 Responses to My homework

  1. shigakiwi says:

    I know what you mean – finding the time to put even one comment can be difficult – but it’s what we need to do to get that momentum built up!

    Have a good day!


  2. Patti says:

    I’m Patti- a soon-to-be Occupational Therapy student in New Jersey. I think blogging is a great way to network and resource-exchange on the net. I started a blog in December if you are interested in checking it out or linking it the address is


  3. otexperiment says:

    Thanks Patti.
    I’ve linked your blog with mine. Good on ya for getting stuck into OT and the web. I’ll keep an eye on how your doing with your study.
    Love the name of you blog by the way!!

  4. will wade says:

    Good work. I have to agree with you all. Doing this blogging thing takes time – (commenting just as long it seems!). A few tips that spring to mind (which, I have to say comes from the stable of “Do as I say and not as I do” since looking at the date entries on my blog they are somewhat few and far between..) go a little like this:

    1. Try and blog every day. This is a common tip but I have to say practically impossible unless you are solely computer based all day long.. so how can you have things to write about when you do get the time?
    2. Get a small notebook and write down your thoughts. I have a couple of small (like pocket size) notebooks that I carry pretty much everywhere with me. Sitting in a meeting or a conference and something comes to you that you want to research further or pose a question to the world? Write it down. (I have, no joke, about 100 pages of stuff I *need* to write up..its going back about a year mind you)
    3. Set aside time. Count your blog as a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) tool or a reflection tool and you will soon realise that it *should* deserve your time as much as any other form of reflection. Organise your thoughts and get it out there.
    4. Don’t feel you cant write about something you don’t know. Blogs aren’t journals*. They aren’t something to be scared of getting something wrong in. Students won’t (or shouldn’t) immediately take your opinion as fact.

    hope that helps and beyond all else enjoy the experience – its not meant to be painful!

    * (I think they could be mind you! – watch out for my upcoming rant about open-access OT journals)

  5. Matthew Box says:


    I’ve just set up my new website and blog around disability & Occupational Therapy and would welcome any ideas about what kind of things to add to the site on a regular basis – what would other other OT’s find interesting?

    My site is

    Please feel free to let me know what you think as any feedback would be grateully received.

    Matthew Box

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