Another day in paradise

Having someone to help you make sense of blogging really does make everything easier. Which means I’m learning more, and maybe that means writing more…

How do you do the best work you can, when there’s not enough of you, and you have to rely on other people? I dont have an answer, and even if I did, it probably wouldn’t make my job any easier, or more efficient, or even up the standard of what I do.  A lot of the time I feel as though my patients are being ripped off, missing out on important therapy. I don’t like having to comprimise, choosing one person over another, or only having enough time to do the bare minimum; working this way is as opposite as you can get when we think about the OT philosphy of ‘holistic’. Aren’t we supposed to address everything in respect to everything else? Treat the whole person? Look at the outside, the inside, the environement, the good, the not so good? My practice these days is dysfunction based, not holistic.

I sometimes wonder what patients and their families think of the occupational therapy breed. I fear they may get the wrong impression that we shower people, give them commodes, or ask them out-of-context questions when trying to work out how good their memory is.

I want to restore others faith in us and what we do. But how do I,  how do we do that, when we dont have the opportunities to prove them otherwise…?


One Response to Another day in paradise

  1. Matthew Box says:


    I’ve just set up my new website and blog and would welcome any ideas about what kind of things to add to the site on a regular basis – what would other OT’s find interesting?

    My site is

    Please feel free to let me know what you think as any feedback would be grateully received.

    Matthew Box

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